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... follow my life in farming, hoof trimming within agriculture, not as a veterinarian, but as a professional hoof trimmer.
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  1. Kathy Bastian
    Kathy Bastian
    Hace 2 días

    Less talk.

  2. Titus Tucker
    Titus Tucker
    Hace 8 días

    Being a former cattleman I find these interesting, but for the life of me I can't understand why you can't take a water hose and spray off all the sh*t that's on it. I can almost guarantee if I had a festering wound on my foot walking around in sh*t all day would not make it better. Our cattle were all pasture raised and rarely come in with their legs all covered in manure.

  3. Cheddar 06
    Cheddar 06
    Hace 15 días

    I am excited to see her progress video. ^_^

  4. Coltsfan
    Hace 19 días

    The music on this channel is weird, sounds like some 40 year old housewife's playlist. Nice videos though, fascinating even for someone like me who has not has extensive experience with livestock

  5. PEACE
    Hace 21 un día

    What do you do with the hoof shavings?? Seems like a lot of byproduct going to waste if it gets tossed out!

  6. Giraudy 7
    Giraudy 7
    Hace 25 días

    Only me who is freaking out every time they open up into infected places and never clean the foot first? It makes me go crazy

  7. hugh mcdonald
    hugh mcdonald
    Hace 26 días

    I Think you could even make my feet look nice after watching this poor cow.

  8. iiSimplymelonytii Yt
    iiSimplymelonytii Yt
    Hace 27 días

    I love this❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. doodlebob pencilpants
    doodlebob pencilpants
    Hace 28 días

    👏👏👏👏👏good job helping animals ALM=Animals Lives Matter

  10. DD The horse lover
    DD The horse lover
    Hace 28 días

    did that hurt her while you were fixing it?

  11. Dagoth Urr
    Dagoth Urr
    Hace 28 días


  12. Sake Bobombs
    Sake Bobombs
    Hace 28 días

    Nasty doodoo all over. 🤮

  13. Raw Fitness
    Raw Fitness
    Hace 29 días

    Bill burr on the farm

  14. Clint Chapman
    Clint Chapman
    Hace 29 días

    I bet those cows love to see this guy show up at the dairy...

  15. Cold_Quinn
    Hace 29 días

    Bruh... He peeled their foot like a sweet potato

  16. Ahmed Ehsan
    Ahmed Ehsan
    Hace 29 días

    He only helps females, SIMP

  17. Jacob Gaines
    Jacob Gaines
    Hace un mes

    That blood got me like BRUH

  18. James Denny
    James Denny
    Hace un mes

    I'm just wondering, do hooves grow like fingernails or hair?

    1. Kenyon Tunheim
      Kenyon Tunheim
      Hace 29 días


    2. Izz Aiman
      Izz Aiman
      Hace un mes

      Fingernails would be better

  19. whitequeen96
    Hace un mes

    OMG, watching such an adorable, good-looking, cute guy do such a gross, disgusting job . . . totally worth it! I'm subscribing, lol!

    1. Span Dex
      Span Dex
      Hace 29 días

      @whitequeen96 now you are assuming Graham is a "person". Perhaps Graham identities as a place or thing. You really are a sexist and now you are assuming his noun, not even his pronoun. Monster.

    2. whitequeen96
      Hace 29 días

      @Span Dex LOL! Well, you're referring to this person as "him" or "he!"

    3. Span Dex
      Span Dex
      Hace 29 días

      @whitequeen96 he identifies as a hoof trimmer. How dare you assume his farmyard gender???

    4. whitequeen96
      Hace un mes

      @Span Dex LOL! It is NOT sexist to appreciate the opposite sex! I'm not harassing him with my comments.

    5. Span Dex
      Span Dex
      Hace un mes


  20. Teru
    Hace un mes

    Maybe wash the cow too?

  21. Dan Vaught
    Dan Vaught
    Hace un mes

    This guy is not afraid of poo.

  22. Eric Jensin
    Eric Jensin
    Hace un mes

    why is this edited like a country romance movie

  23. Darien B
    Darien B
    Hace un mes

    Bill Burr is that you?

  24. The Egg
    The Egg
    Hace un mes

    They're not gonna wash it first? Like, damn

  25. Robert Jones
    Robert Jones
    Hace un mes

    The thing I don't understand throughout all this why don't you ever clean the hook off thoroughly before you start working on it especially with the ones that have cracks or ulcers or other problems. It seems to me that if you would do this it would help fight infection

    1. Span Dex
      Span Dex
      Hace un mes

      Way too time consuming and not necessary.

  26. ELZI The Light
    ELZI The Light
    Hace un mes

    man i don't even know how i ended up in here.. but this is fun to watch !!!!

  27. Izzysmom
    Hace un mes

    The trimming must have been very painful for her.

    1. RedWolfNY
      Hace un mes

      its not

  28. KAT GAU
    Hace un mes

    When you were spraying the (I think it was) iodine, it looked really red and I had a small heart attack thinking it was all blood 😂

  29. Kenzie S
    Kenzie S
    Hace un mes

    Love the channel! I was wondering, the left side of her hoof, what is the black mark? Is it a bruise? Do you usually not treat them or do they not cause any harm to the cow?

  30. DaffireAnt
    Hace un mes

    I’m sure that vegan teacher will take one look at this and instantly think that this was abuse

  31. Faith Read
    Faith Read
    Hace un mes

    I think you should play and/or sing sea shanties

  32. not here
    not here
    Hace un mes

    idk what im doing here, im a french woman who will most likely never encounter the possibility to HELP heal a cow but yeah. in my way to binge watch this channel

  33. GOD
    Hace un mes

    If the farmers actually looked after them and they weren’t stood in their own shit for most their life this wouldn’t happen and you wouldn’t have to do this

  34. shrimp pi
    shrimp pi
    Hace un mes

    I've ate cow foot before

  35. Dhimas Anang
    Dhimas Anang
    Hace un mes

    How its smell bro?

  36. Kevin Charles
    Kevin Charles
    Hace un mes

    I'm new to this channel and just curious, do these cows eventually get slaughtered?

  37. Xorn
    Hace un mes

    Why the censor

  38. Giraffe Neck
    Giraffe Neck
    Hace un mes

    when your nail breaks:

  39. Cali catus
    Cali catus
    Hace un mes

    curious: why not totally clean the hoof with water before starting the treatment, trimming, etc.?

    Hace un mes

    So sweet😘😘

  41. Candy Morse
    Candy Morse
    Hace un mes

    I hate to see any animal in pain espically1 foit hip or knee pain. I have all 3 so i know. Buut leaveing puss isnt good

  42. Candy Morse
    Candy Morse
    Hace un mes

    Why when you are scrapeing and we see its getting to look like its getting a sore and you put it down why

  43. R3TR0T3 - DN
    R3TR0T3 - DN
    Hace un mes

    What's the song name at 3:41??

  44. Nxssa
    Hace un mes

    why does he sound like gobber from How to train your dragon?

  45. luke gnanapragasam
    luke gnanapragasam
    Hace un mes

    Why don’t you guys wash that cows foot before the treatment?

    1. Ayan Ahmad
      Ayan Ahmad
      Hace un mes

      i was wondering the same thing like that cow is extremely dirty

  46. Jonathan stavast
    Jonathan stavast
    Hace un mes

    This guy seems like a good guy! So nice watching someone that cares about these animals and actually enjoys it. Also, it is so positive which we all need right now!

  47. hack 120
    hack 120
    Hace un mes

    why so much stuff coming out of mouth ?

  48. Kalina Hitana
    Kalina Hitana
    Hace un mes

    This was a really strange one to pop up in my recommended, but it was a nice watch =)

  49. mike requadt
    mike requadt
    Hace un mes

    man, they should call you the hoof detective, as you find hidden treasures, (sores)

  50. Strawberry Cupcake
    Strawberry Cupcake
    Hace un mes

    what breed of moo is this?

  51. Anthony Trang
    Anthony Trang
    Hace un mes

    That cow was my dinner, so all the work you put in was useless.

    1. desert weasel 69
      desert weasel 69
      Hace un mes

      That's not true, a happy, healthy cow makes a tasty cow. Good milk and good meat.

  52. King Pandeh
    King Pandeh
    Hace un mes

    I wonder how that part of her hoof cracked, never seen anything like that before.

    1. chasin da'monee
      chasin da'monee
      Hace un mes

      It probably just means they spend a lot of time on hard floor instead of soft ground there feet aren't made to walk on concrete all day

  53. cac 2s
    cac 2s
    Hace un mes

    how did i get here

  54. Miss Moon and Life
    Miss Moon and Life
    Hace un mes

    I forgot that iodine is a deep red-brown color, so that startled me XD

  55. Mathias Dam
    Mathias Dam
    Hace un mes

    It’s now 3:50 am

  56. LoLifeMike
    Hace un mes

    I'm so high I thought the cows had their own country song and tbh I thought it was decent

  57. GeneralPrøwl
    Hace un mes

    Very satisfying

  58. Mad Jimbo
    Mad Jimbo
    Hace un mes

    It’s interesting how you have gone to wood blocks on almost everything lately. Why?

    1. chasin da'monee
      chasin da'monee
      Hace un mes

      @Mad Jimbo o ok wasn't really sure thanks

    2. Mad Jimbo
      Mad Jimbo
      Hace un mes

      @chasin da'monee Wood wears much faster.

    3. chasin da'monee
      chasin da'monee
      Hace un mes

      I think the wood blocks last longer

  59. Wensday Adams
    Wensday Adams
    Hace un mes

    I'd be curious to see an update on this one and actually see her happy to be in the crush.

  60. John Hughie Peralta
    John Hughie Peralta
    Hace un mes

    The real question is why I'm even watching this when it's early in the morning.

    1. subpargamers subpargamers
      subpargamers subpargamers
      Hace un mes

      oh s*** I'm doing the same thing

  61. Valerie Dalton
    Valerie Dalton
    Hace un mes

    Music isn’t bad but I’d much rather hear you talking than the music!

  62. Игорь Федотов
    Игорь Федотов
    Hace un mes

    Неу ! Wat about washing cows leg ? ( sorry for my inglish, a am from Russia)

  63. C.E. K.
    C.E. K.
    Hace un mes

    How did EStitle get me from rap videos to this? Not complaining though, it's oddly satisfying...

  64. Gail Sawicki
    Gail Sawicki
    Hace un mes

    Sir,is that a poltus you pack on the wound?

  65. Rahim Andersen
    Rahim Andersen
    Hace un mes

    How did I get here

  66. Thomas Duhamel
    Thomas Duhamel
    Hace un mes

    I love the work that he is doing. Amezing person!

  67. Cory Thomas
    Cory Thomas
    Hace un mes

    Man I feel the cows pain i get ingrown toenails all the time and they hurt like a mofo

  68. Salvation
    Hace un mes

    I was watching a YBS video and it ended.So I went to take a piss and when I came back your video was playing.I spent the next 4 hours watching your back catalog.Your vids are just fascinating or maybe it's this new medication.I don't know ,but they're fun to watch thanks.Suscribed.

  69. beverly crusher
    beverly crusher
    Hace un mes

    can you shoe cows like horses or would that cause other problems?

  70. Landon Hardwick
    Landon Hardwick
    Hace un mes

    Is it just me but when he is trimming the hoof with a carver knife I think it is a potato slice

  71. Deb Brown
    Deb Brown
    Hace un mes

    Wheres all the pus on these cows

  72. SleepZone
    Hace un mes

    why do the cows drool so much in these videos?

    1. Sharona Maynard
      Sharona Maynard
      Hace un mes

      They slather when they are nervous or stressed. They aren't thrilled to be in the Crush but its what is needed to get the job done safely.

  73. Dena Goodwin
    Dena Goodwin
    Hace un mes

    You’ve stated several times that the trim doesn’t hurt. I would also think that once the pressure of an abscess has been released when you open it, that cow has to feel some immediate pain relief.

  74. Pocket Change
    Pocket Change
    Hace un mes


  75. David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez
    Hace un mes

    What is the name of that song . Love it.

  76. Sj
    Hace un mes

    I come from a history of dairy farmers in the US and choose to leave that life style temporarily because of how badly I saw cows where being treated. I knew people understood how cows should and can be treated while also maintaining a prosperous farm. They are one of the sweetest, loving, and loyal animals I have ever had the pleasure to be around and care for 😭 Seriously, thank you SO much for showing the World how cows should be cared for 💕 The USA is in shambles currently but I have hope that we can bring this country in the right direction and I’m hoping we can also see this change in how livestock is treated💕 So much love and respect for the work you do and the farms you visit 💕 If you ever have a chance to do a clinical (after the pandemic of course) in the New England area of the US, please let us know! It would be an honor to meet you!

  77. johnknoefler
    Hace un mes

    Any insight on why some cows are drooling so much when they leave the crush? Is that a stress reaction?

    1. Sharona Maynard
      Sharona Maynard
      Hace un mes

      Yeah its a stress thing. They arent in a Crush very often and it can be a bit stressful. But if they weren't put in the Crush then this would be a lot more dangerous and have a bigger potential for injury for both the cow and the trimmer

  78. Stephanie Flynn
    Stephanie Flynn
    Hace un mes

    Thanks for all you do!!

  79. diann russell
    diann russell
    Hace un mes

    Western movies

  80. KAVIN
    Hace un mes

    When he uses the spray, it looks like he's spraying blood

    Hace un mes

    Sería interesante activara la opción de títulos en español para America latina

  82. glossaria2
    Hace un mes

    Oof. I think that's the first time we've seen *bleeding* from the white line. Poor girl.

  83. CHRISmartialARTIST
    Hace un mes

    I have no idea why youtube recommended your videos to me a few months ago nor why i watched them since i never watch animal videos but im glad it happened. I have watched so many of your videos and find them to be so relaxing. You are doing great work and also seem so positive. keep it up.

  84. Paul Sir
    Paul Sir
    Hace un mes

    Thanks man for wonderful job GOD BLESS YOU......REGARDS.

  85. ellipsis-truncate theresistance. video
    ellipsis-truncate theresistance. video
    Hace un mes

    He trims too much. It looks to be bleeding all over the place. As if someone liked to cut nails, he would come to you every week to make a vid and cut your nails too far 😛

    1. Black illusion
      Black illusion
      Hace un mes

      Well, no, he isn’t trimming too much really. If he didn’t remove all of that loose and cracked hoof; then the cow wouldn’t have healed. Even if the cow is bleeding it’s fine, they don’t feel the pain because they don’t have nerve endings there.

    2. alistair clement
      alistair clement
      Hace un mes

      @ellipsis-truncate theresistance. video So you had a dog as a child and that makes you a hoof trimming expert. Many vets have commented on his videos, saying he's doing it right, I have also spoken to my local vets, who trained me, and they say the same. Graeme is a fully qualified hoof trimmer and knows what he's doing, whereas you do not.

    3. ellipsis-truncate theresistance. video
      ellipsis-truncate theresistance. video
      Hace un mes

      @alistair clement Maybe, but he has too many vids like this. Maybe a vet would told you that he's doing it wrong. It reminds me myself cleaning my dogs ears as a kid, trying vegetable oil etc. Yes a vet told me to to clean it but I tried to do it like him which was pretty much an animal abuse. Kids shouldnt be allowed to own animals

    4. alistair clement
      alistair clement
      Hace un mes

      It's a tiny bit of blood and a lot of iodine. He has to remove all the loose horn (Regardless of whether you think it's loose or should be removed), or she will never fully recover.

  86. Holly Bear
    Holly Bear
    Hace un mes

    She's like, "Oh, that feels a bit better. Thanks."

  87. Billy Thompson
    Billy Thompson
    Hace un mes

    I could swear her turning around was her way of saying thank you for helping my pain go away.

  88. Crystal Dragon
    Crystal Dragon
    Hace un mes

    When he said back left foot but pointed at the back right foot "Dude really!?"

    1. Miss Wrenchinitup
      Miss Wrenchinitup
      Hace un mes

      Sometimes he shows a mirror image of the actual video. Often you will see him filmed as he drives and it looks like he's in North America driving from the left side of truck. But his truck is English style with driver in right side of truck.

  89. anti predator
    anti predator
    Hace un mes

    Ow ow ow ow OW OW OW?!?!?! Lol

  90. Frank Bullitt
    Frank Bullitt
    Hace un mes

    So, how did she do after a week or 2 ?

  91. Sherwinvega18
    Hace un mes

    This is how humans will live soon.

  92. irene marie Belanger
    irene marie Belanger
    Hace un mes

    What is that darkness at both inner aspects of the hoof?

  93. Thomas Broking
    Thomas Broking
    Hace un mes

    I've watched a bunch of videos but i haven't heard you say about how long it takes from when the problem starts to when you get to them. Is it days or weeks?? I feel sad for the cow hurting for a week.

  94. SLDRCK Of Ages
    SLDRCK Of Ages
    Hace un mes

    I absolutely love how your passion for the health of animals that are pretty much only used for their milk making ability and for consumption of their flesh, comes through in every single video. Your love for your work is also a very large reason your EStitle page is so popular. I find your skill and enthusiasm to be as enjoyable to watch as the graphic material ON your videos is sometimes alarming. I have literally binged watch your videos for hours and I am looking forward to your NEXT video.

  95. Suzy Navarrete
    Suzy Navarrete
    Hace un mes

    I love to hear you sing.

  96. Raven Song
    Raven Song
    Hace un mes

    Very interesting marking on that cow. Almost like some type of harlequin. I dont believe I've seen that before. Now watch, you'll reply saying it was all just dirt and muck and she's actually an all white cow. Lol

  97. I'm late
    I'm late
    Hace un mes

    Nice work. It would be interesting if we could see a before and after of your treatments.

  98. Dave Hodge
    Dave Hodge
    Hace un mes

    Why don’t you rinse off all the muck before you start work? Wouldn’t it be easier to see the hoof?

    1. alistair clement
      alistair clement
      Hace un mes

      Here's the thing though, while he doesn't wash all of them, he did wash this one, it just doesn't get it as clean as most people expect.

  99. Leo Bartlett
    Leo Bartlett
    Hace un mes

    Cow r bulls are really Lucky to be help

  100. lily turnquist
    lily turnquist
    Hace un mes

    why was the cow drooling so much

    1. lily turnquist
      lily turnquist
      Hace un mes

      @alistair clement oh you also replied on that other vid

    2. lily turnquist
      lily turnquist
      Hace un mes

      @alistair clement oooh ok

    3. alistair clement
      alistair clement
      Hace un mes