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Follow my life on farms in south west Scotland, working not as a veterinarian, but as a professional hoof trimmer.

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  1. aljon jimenez
    aljon jimenez
    Hace 12 días

    Hello from Phillipines I really like your video

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    Yoga Agoy Channel
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  3. Amy Taylor
    Amy Taylor
    Hace 24 días

    Is just me or is the white in the camera off putting?

  4. Georgia Vincent
    Georgia Vincent
    Hace 24 días

    Hi from Washington state USA. Love watching your videos

  5. Annie Balsbaugh
    Annie Balsbaugh
    Hace 25 días

    Hello from near Dayton, Ohio.

  6. Zayne Van Day
    Zayne Van Day
    Hace 27 días

    Why is the resolution so bad ?

  7. Zayne Van Day
    Zayne Van Day
    Hace 27 días

    I’m a week late but I’m in Australia lol

  8. Nancy Clark
    Nancy Clark
    Hace 29 días

    Hello from the coast of Maine! I think your family would love to visit here! I enjoy your videos - I’ve learned so much! Keep taking care of the beautiful cows!

  9. Margaret Morris
    Margaret Morris
    Hace un mes

    Really bad filming, it’s really distorted and jerky.

  10. Geremias Costa
    Geremias Costa
    Hace un mes

    Bom dia gosto muito do ceu trabalho . VC não teria o projeto dese equipamento para me envia. Agradeço.

  11. Leslie Rasey
    Leslie Rasey
    Hace un mes

    Is Craig married??

  12. dean morgan
    dean morgan
    Hace un mes

    I'm not a farmer or a horseman but I find your channel so it

  13. Kelli Gleason
    Kelli Gleason
    Hace un mes

    I worked on a dairy farm when I was younger and my cousin was the vet who was called for the cattle. I saw to many cattle like this

  14. Jewleonna variety show
    Jewleonna variety show
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    I'm watching from America

  15. Tania McMullin
    Tania McMullin
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    Come out to California and I can take you around the dairies here in Marin county. My grandfather’s and great grandfathers worked and the dairies in the. Area!

  16. Stefanie Ross
    Stefanie Ross
    Hace un mes

    The video quality was awful in this video. Your videos are usually clear as day.

  17. Linda Clarkq
    Linda Clarkq
    Hace un mes

    Covered in excrement...Getting pretty fancy with the words was always told when a kid that stuff would make you grow....maybe that's how l got 6 ft tall....for a fella it's great but for a girl not so much...... That's some nasty dermatitis there. Poor old girl..

  18. Wanda Cox
    Wanda Cox
    Hace un mes

    Yes you can be seen thru the visor!

  19. Susan Mackenzie
    Susan Mackenzie
    Hace un mes

    hello from Cumbernauld....SCOTLAND!!!

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    Ebrahim Ai rizqy
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    Ilove you 🌹🌹🌹🌹

  21. margaret kelley
    margaret kelley
    Hace un mes

    I do know how to watch Russians on Radar stations later turned into higher technology. Scope dopes to satellites. Cold War to present. Not much about cows though but interesting.

  22. margaret kelley
    margaret kelley
    Hace un mes

    In Chugiak Alaska it its 0215 am

  23. margaret kelley
    margaret kelley
    Hace un mes

    from USA, Alaska to be exact. Know nothing about cows but you are teaching me. So grateful. You are so skilled at what you do. Carry on as you were. I think Scotland and and USA could kick ass in every way. My grandmother was born in country cork England and emigrated from there as a servant. She had seven children, one boy whom survived in world world two at Pearl Harbor. Went on to have seven children from a Navy Nurse at pearl Harbor of which I am the youngest of 7 the the only female.

  24. Robert Chinnock
    Robert Chinnock
    Hace un mes

    Im up in townsville Australia and been 30 degrees out side

  25. Pamela Woessner
    Pamela Woessner
    Hace un mes

    Gram your video is a little pixelly.

  26. Toni Williams
    Toni Williams
    Hace un mes

    I love your music

  27. Carlos Magno
    Carlos Magno
    Hace un mes

    Isn't there a way to make the room drier? I think it would be better for the animals' hooves.

  28. I Sea Anemone 7007
    I Sea Anemone 7007
    Hace un mes

    The UK has an advert running at the moment with a bull in it being all calm in various situations where people are going crazy. Until I saw these videos I was just sorry for the bull, but since these videos all I keep wondering is how his hoofs are!

  29. Руслан RICHIBOY
    Руслан RICHIBOY
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  30. Clare O'Driscoll
    Clare O'Driscoll
    Hace un mes

    Watching this in Ireland after pretty painful foot surgery so I fully sympathize with this poor cow!

  31. Heather Desrosiers
    Heather Desrosiers
    Hace un mes

    I felt so bad when he took a long screw out of one of the cow.when he was trimming its nails

  32. Jerry Drake
    Jerry Drake
    Hace un mes

    Hello from Phoenix, AZ. Really enjoy your videos. Jerry

  33. Paul Demuth
    Paul Demuth
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    Love how u care about the animals . paul U.S.A

  34. phil collier
    phil collier
    Hace un mes

    Well you can always visit us in oz. Sorry i missed the live stream. Hey check out a project i am working on in Oz. Tamborine Mountain Universe.

  35. Fabulous Faith
    Fabulous Faith
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    Excuse me I’m from England

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    Danilo Sarto
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    Suzi SaintJames
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    89f here today in sunny 🌅 Arizona 🌵. Sending lots of love ❤. 😷

  38. Rachel Ivy
    Rachel Ivy
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    All the way from south florida, your videos help me unwind from my chaotic day. I'm not sure how I got here. Seeing how you work with these animals, and the difference you can make, it's amazing.

  39. Elizabeth Phillipson
    Elizabeth Phillipson
    Hace un mes

    Love watching your videos I'm from new zealand

  40. NdaKeekz
    Hace un mes

    When did Bill Burr develop a Scottish accent and start trimming hooves?

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    Monique Falzone
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    Are you getting a new crush?

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    John Sterling
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    We watch in America bro lol

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    Shane Mcardle
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  44. Chelsey Harper
    Chelsey Harper
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    Not sure if it's because this was recorded live but the quality is shocking I can barely make anything out at all which is a shame as I love watching you and Craig 😔

  45. Dawn Mason
    Dawn Mason
    Hace un mes

    Do you ever suffer from vibration White finger due to the vibrations of the trimmer?

  46. Trey Porter
    Trey Porter
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    Greetings from Ohio!

  47. Penny Baxter
    Penny Baxter
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    Picture on this video was poor.

  48. Robin C
    Robin C
    Hace un mes

    how do you keep your tools from spreading dermatitis between trimmings.

    1. jasmine hagerman
      jasmine hagerman
      Hace un mes

      he washes everything between farms

  49. Steve Evans
    Steve Evans
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    Watching from southern Iowa enjoy your video.

  50. Susan Deyoe
    Susan Deyoe
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    Hello from Missouri!

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    Garry Spencer
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    Hi from mid north coast of New South Wales , Australia. Beautiful day today. Blue skies & 25 degrees ( c). Sitting at the club for dinner tonight looking across the lake which is as smooth as glass. Beautiful day as skies as pink as sun is setting. Very great full for this beautiful country. Cheers.

  52. todd timmons
    todd timmons
    Hace un mes

    You are truly a good guy

  53. Krishna U
    Krishna U
    Hace un mes

    I am from India and I really enjoy your videos. I hope something of this sort is done for the cattle here in India where we pray them and consider them as God. If you are visiting India kindly make a prior announcement so that I too can meet you.

  54. UK NEWS
    Hace un mes

    camera quality is bad on this video

  55. Let’s be Frank
    Let’s be Frank
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    It’s Sunday 9:05pm here in Australia, and enjoying your videos.

  56. Sheila Clifford, LMT,CEMT,CCMT,A.C.II
    Sheila Clifford, LMT,CEMT,CCMT,A.C.II
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    Hello from New Hampshire

  57. Tracy Davenport
    Tracy Davenport
    Hace un mes

    Okay, so the dermatitis is from walking in the slurry. Is there any way without hurting the cattle, or the overhead, to bulk their stool so it's not a swamp to walk through?

  58. Dalton Crowley
    Dalton Crowley
    Hace un mes

    No idea why this channel is so satisfying to me

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    Margaret Ledford
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    Canadian Navy Wife
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    Great video.... Hugs from Esquimalt

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    Mary Jane Kenney
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    Conway N
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  64. tosca donna
    tosca donna
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    Does that product have DMSO in it? That’s a great carrier solvent. We used it on our cattle, horses, and even on me when I was injured.

  65. Jess Sheteron
    Jess Sheteron
    Hace un mes

    I'm reaching you! But hello for michigan in the USA 🇺🇸 love all you do great job! Stsy safe

  66. Colin Rush
    Colin Rush
    Hace un mes

    What do you think of people that dig in and cut out that dermatitis?

    1. alistair clement
      alistair clement
      Hace un mes

      He's banned people from commenting on this channel, for promoting that practice.

  67. Lynda Carter
    Lynda Carter
    Hace un mes

    So, how often do you find maggots? And do you ever work on horses/ponies?

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    gaul marou
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    Comfortably Numb
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    Purple Phoenix with Helen Joanne
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    Papanui iz hea
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    Salicylic acid is the base component of aspirin.....I wonder if there's an analgesic effect to the cow?

    Hace un mes

    Yes a pleasant 19°C at the mo with an estimated 28° tomorrow (Sunday 7th March)!

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    Gretchen Arnot
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    irene marie Belanger
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    Egg Menendez
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    1. alistair clement
      alistair clement
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      his sister's husband.

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    Ida Wigren
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