I Pulled A Tooth Out Of This Overgrown Cows Foot

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Follow my life on farms in south west Scotland, working not as a veterinarian, but as a professional hoof trimmer.
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    🇬🇧 Hello from the USA mate cheers to ya 🇺🇲

  2. EGull
    Hace 7 días

    I love how you really explain what you're doing, and why you're doing it!👍🏻

  3. dborules716
    Hace 9 días

    For the love of God man rinse there feet off first. That drives me crazy

  4. fieL
    Hace 13 días

    I just love your bgm ...

  5. Bogumiła Urban
    Bogumiła Urban
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    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks God Bless You 🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲 For You 💐 💐 💐 💐 💐 💐 💐 Bogumiła - Poland 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. javier cantor mancipe
    javier cantor mancipe
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    The crocodile killer baby on board please People tunning and dog cat everyone us humans the King lions the puniser cavalo

  7. Retr0Robbin
    Hace 13 días

    Could you give a brief explanation on why teeth in the feet is a good thing. I’m really confused by it

  8. David Alves
    David Alves
    Hace 13 días

    Isso ai e muito bonito ajudar o animal

  9. camgill007
    Hace 15 días

    Thanks for sharing great content. My question is why don't you wash/clean the cow's feet prior to clipping her nails? Not a criticism just curious. Thanks again.

  10. Paula
    Hace 17 días

    I love your videos I have learned so much thank you

  11. Paulo Vargas
    Paulo Vargas
    Hace 17 días

    Porque não é lavado a pata antes do procedimento?Why is the paw not washed before the procedure?

  12. Denise Hill
    Denise Hill
    Hace 17 días

    The new blades are going through that hoof like a hot knife through butter.

  13. ranjan kumar
    ranjan kumar
    Hace 18 días

    I don't know why I am watching this but quite interesting

  14. Valerie Shepherd
    Valerie Shepherd
    Hace 18 días

    Great job again Graeme... You are such a caring man for these big beasties lol xxx

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    Jackie Siple
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    Great job

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    Ryan Fisher
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    Good video

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    Simon Sinis
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    Always asking to myself why?! Why at 2 am I’m watching this?!! But it’s so satisfying! Keep going buddy! You’re great 👍🏻

  18. kay dee
    kay dee
    Hace 18 días

    How does the tooth hurt but using a saw grinder not? Like how did she even feel tooth

  19. راهب الأحزان
    راهب الأحزان
    Hace 18 días

    Why are cows' feet not washed with water 💦؟؟!!!

  20. Nick L.
    Nick L.
    Hace 18 días

    I was wondering why you don't take the time to spray the feet with water first. Just found your channel, I'll drop by more!

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  22. Laurie Bradley
    Laurie Bradley
    Hace 18 días

    Excellent. Great description of your method❤️👍🏼

  23. Nick Frechette
    Nick Frechette
    Hace 18 días

    Why not rinse the hoof before working on anything? Too much clean up and mess?

  24. Joe Gilly
    Joe Gilly
    Hace 18 días

    Nice JOB Graham.

  25. Research Event 201
    Research Event 201
    Hace 18 días

    i bet that cow is so happy now!

  26. TomTracy
    Hace 18 días

    why he gotta roast the cows so hard start of the vid calling him lame asf

  27. Christina Huntnlady
    Christina Huntnlady
    Hace 18 días

    Any reason you didn't trim up the dewclaws as well?

  28. Silver Dragon Eyes
    Silver Dragon Eyes
    Hace 18 días

    1:14 Anybody know the name of that song. The voice sounds familiar. Also, I haven't said this before, but these hoof trimming videos are incredibly satisfying to watch. My favorite is when the knife is used. I don't know why.

  29. mark babb
    mark babb
    Hace 18 días

    I respect what you do bro

    Hace 18 días

    good Night I'm Brazilian I wanted an help me gives one convite in job there we U.S

  31. Grant Goebel
    Grant Goebel
    Hace 18 días

    Why shouldn’t you use the grinder to trim in between the hooves?

  32. Lori Johnson
    Lori Johnson
    Hace 18 días

    I'm curious, Do you keep the weird stuff you find in hoofs in a jar somewhere on display?

  33. Sue c
    Sue c
    Hace 18 días

    Wondered what the tooth fairy did with them .... lol

  34. Vertikalo high
    Vertikalo high
    Hace 18 días

    I´m allways wondering why you don´t clean the hoof before trimming. Like with a pressure washer or so

  35. Gabriel UY
    Gabriel UY
    Hace 18 días

    Feels like she have new shoes jej

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    GUI ARTs
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    Alguem do brasil

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    Bailey Moss
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    Do you have cows

  38. Lois Lewis
    Lois Lewis
    Hace 18 días

    Great job, Grahame.😍

  39. derek crymble
    derek crymble
    Hace 19 días

    That is a weird case of "hoof and mouth" disease .

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  41. badnewsBH
    Hace 19 días

    I never thought I'd see so much science involved in cutting someone's toenails. :P Great work, sir.

  42. Garrett Woodard
    Garrett Woodard
    Hace 19 días

    I surely appreciate what you are doing great work, But would it be out of the question to Rinse off the Cow Manure 1ST? It's all over your hands, Other than that Awesome Job....

  43. Liam Jarvis
    Liam Jarvis
    Hace 19 días

    Out of ignorance, does this hurt or is the same as cutting our nails, like the ends are dead and if you cut too deep it'll hurt ?

    1. zukworld
      Hace 15 días

      exactly as you suspect, doesn't hurt unless there is a lesion all the way thru or some other problem

  44. Furry from Finley
    Furry from Finley
    Hace 19 días

    why is it a good sign to find teeth in cows hooves?

  45. Meghan Stille
    Meghan Stille
    Hace 19 días

    Hey Graeme- I had a question about trimming! Do cattle in feed lots have worse feet than those in pastures? Have you ever trimmed at a feed lot? Being out in the Midwest of the US, I drive past a lot of huge fields with few cows right next to a bunch of feed lots with them all packed in, living in their own slurry. I can’t imagine their feet get worn down in the correct way in those conditions! Do you know how their hooves compare?

  46. JLove The Flash
    JLove The Flash
    Hace 19 días

    So what did cows do before mankind started trimming them?

  47. Magdiel Alonso
    Magdiel Alonso
    Hace 19 días

    Como poder colocar subtitulos en Español te sigo de hace mucho tiempo

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    rory vonbrutt
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    ICON ! ! !

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    Mary Race
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    Miss the intro song

  50. Megan Peters
    Megan Peters
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    Another tooth? Wow

  51. Jovan Konstantinov
    Jovan Konstantinov
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    Hallo from Vienna its great Job

  52. Gordon Arneson
    Gordon Arneson
    Hace 19 días

    Is that what you call hoof and mouth disease

  53. Peter Fawcett
    Peter Fawcett
    Hace 19 días

    Your technique of removing as much of the infected matter, then treating it with Iodine is similar to how I treat my Dahlia tubers. When I take them out of storage at the end of the winter. I cut out any diseased parts of the tuber. Then I treat it with Yellow sulphur to dry it up and prevent the rot speading to there parts of the tubers. So Agrics meet Hortics !

  54. Christian Terrill
    Christian Terrill
    Hace 19 días

    Why is it a good sign to find cows teeth in their hoof?

  55. Gene Murphy
    Gene Murphy
    Hace 19 días

    At 3:29ish was or were those degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius? Have you ever used Rankine or Kelvin?

  56. Diane Schneider
    Diane Schneider
    Hace 20 días

    Yanno I didn’t ever think that a tooth would find its way into a hoof but it seems to be pretty common... yes? No?

  57. Paul Railton
    Paul Railton
    Hace 20 días

    The hoof dentist.

  58. R&D Productions UNLIMITED
    R&D Productions UNLIMITED
    Hace 20 días

    Love these quick and dirty videos. Great trim!

  59. Foxychik40
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    Hmmmm, anyone else forgot to add desiccated coconut to their shopping list this week? I've remembered now. Thanks Hoof GP! 😁👍

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    Robyn Barnes
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    Graeme, I just need to say...YOU ROCK!! Thanks, from Down Under 👍

  61. Carrie Ashley
    Carrie Ashley
    Hace 20 días

    Wow teeths in hoofs it sad they end up mass up walk be cause of it geeez it great fix it make the cows feel better tc and gb

  62. AK747AMT
    Hace 20 días

    Graeme do you ever wear ear protection when you're using the grinder?? Love your videos!! I'm all the way in Alaska, we got moose here, they got hoofs too. Maybe I should start a moose hoof trimming business HAHA.

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    leams ch
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    소한테도 신발이란게있으면 좋을텐데..

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    Hi a'm from Indonésia , hopefully Healtyh Alawys Brother 🤗

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    The camera work is so clear. I really enjoyed your lesson, and watching you work is beautiful.

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    Happy to see your videos anytime!

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    R E Malm
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    ... Dude, I don't trim cows feet; however, like a 'train wreck': I just can't turn away 🙂🙃😜 ... (Good on ya, Mate) ...

  69. David Barnsley
    David Barnsley
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    Been looking forward to the new video all week And as usual I am never disappointed with the results And the education I get Thanks mr Graeme 😍😍👍👍

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    Emily Anderson
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    Graeme Parker is the Tooth Fairy! I KNEW it!

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    Excellent. 💙 T.E.N.

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    Thank you for yet another interesting lesson.

  75. Kelly
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    Very nice job. Would love to have seen her walk before. Maybe bring those dew claws down. But if you got lots of cows to do, gotta prioritize. Wish I could see more videos from you. I know busy busy busy

  76. Mark Anthony C
    Mark Anthony C
    Hace 20 días

    I’m new to this... but how does a tooth get stuck in there ? Sorry if the question is silly...

  77. Kev P
    Kev P
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    That grinder blade is aggressive AF

  78. Cheryl MacNutt
    Cheryl MacNutt
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    I missed the intro music! But you have the best of hoof trimming videos anyway

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    Could not find the link for the book about GRACIE

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    Penny Foreman
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    I could feel her pain before you trimmed her toes and I could feel her relief after you had her back to normal. You're a good man.

  82. Liam Carlson
    Liam Carlson
    Hace 20 días

    Question how the frick does the cows tooth in it's foot

    1. Liam Carlson
      Liam Carlson
      Hace 20 días

      @alistair clement thanks

    2. alistair clement
      alistair clement
      Hace 20 días

      It's unlikely to be the same cow's tooth. That said, it kinda goes like this, cow loses tooth, another (usually) cow walks on it, the roots are sharp so it goes straight into the hoof, especially if there is already a white line crack.

  83. bmiah1314
    Hace 20 días

    Why don’t you ever wash the hooves first? Doesn’t the dirt ever get into the holes or cuts or infections? Just curious.

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  85. evelynvslife
    Hace 20 días

    The more aggressive grinder bit is so satisfying to watch. It just eats through the hoof like it’s nothing 😮

  86. Rahn Lipp
    Rahn Lipp
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    Why is it good to find cow teeth?

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      @Pepperam oh I’ve not! Will go have a look. Thank you for the recommendation! I have just found The Sheep Game. One farm animal to another. What has my life come to 😂

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      Have you seen the Toe Bro? He's a podiatrist for human feet, very interesting

  92. Pippa Kay
    Pippa Kay
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    Wow what a difference at the end which is so evident in the last shot. So helpful not only to me but I'm sure to a lot of up and coming hoof trimmers.👍💜💚👍

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    Toria Lyons
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    Great to see how different the foot looks placed on the ground - more please! (Would have liked to see her walking away too, but now I'm just being fussy.)

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    peter errington
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    Old video re-uploaded, thought I'd seen it before.

    1. Victoria
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      He's done a few tooth from hoof videos but this ones a new one

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