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This cow has a huge soler ulcer protruding from her foot .... follow her story and others like it ... and my life on farms and in agriculture working alongside veterinarians, farmers and farm workers
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  1. DarkestDot
    Hace 3 días

    FYI TLS which is what makes websites show with the locked padlock already protects all your info. A VPN might help conceal the IP's your connecting to but your just moving who gets to see your metadata. Like you said VPN's are for illegally accessing content. Content is geo locked because they don't have the right to show you that content in that country.

  2. rjkellet4799
    Hace 6 días

    I can’t find the Ginger Cap. Help.

  3. Canadian Navy Wife
    Canadian Navy Wife
    Hace 8 días

    I love your integrity and passion. Hugs from Esquimalt

  4. Maddu Irken
    Maddu Irken
    Hace 10 días

    I think youtube has forgotten it litterally has a youtube kids. For kids

  5. Kim VC
    Kim VC
    Hace 14 días

    Hide and seek...cow style. Lol

  6. M D
    M D
    Hace 20 días

    Kali mera apo tin Afstralia.

  7. Haami Tangiwai
    Haami Tangiwai
    Hace 28 días

    U should watch the movie Once Were Warriors from New Zealand

  8. Charlie Daly
    Charlie Daly
    Hace un mes

    Does the crush hurt the animal??

    1. alistair clement
      alistair clement
      Hace un mes


  9. Graham Millar
    Graham Millar
    Hace un mes

    OMG loonie, you have some patience ! You had to find the coo by yursel with naebody to help. I couldna dae your job. Your coo needs dein ? I turn up. You provide coo. I'm nae lookin.

  10. Burrows family random
    Burrows family random
    Hace un mes

    Love the plug!

  11. MysticPlays
    Hace un mes

    I just got an ad on his video 2 of them to be exact

  12. John Parreira
    John Parreira
    Hace un mes

    Someone have a new home? Looks very modern compared to the last one. Oh wait I’m here for hoof maintenance.

  13. Smile
    Hace un mes

    Love the kitchen and the bank of ovens/microwave! Fun to watch how enthusiastic you are, and how talented a good trimmer you are. Love your videos!

  14. carschmn
    Hace un mes

    You should try to get affiliate links to the products you use on Amazon.

  15. carschmn
    Hace un mes

    That is a huge kitchen.

  16. pmatch
    Hace un mes

    Open a Patreon account. I would be happy to be a Patreon supporter. They only take 10% versus the 30% that EStitle membership does. More money in your pocket.

  17. thechariotcard
    Hace un mes

    Well...this is my last...

  18. Linn Kirksaether
    Linn Kirksaether
    Hace un mes

    Non of your videos have actual "graphic" content... If people can't handle pink-ish sore flesh, and a miniscule amount of blood drops and puss... They wouldn't be watching these videos in the first place - but let's face it, they probably need the reality check!

  19. David Britton
    David Britton
    Hace un mes

    I like your posts.

  20. Mary Ellen Quigley
    Mary Ellen Quigley
    Hace un mes

    Poldark, Moonshiners, Sons of Anarchy, Mayans all good shows.

  21. Joseph O'neill
    Joseph O'neill
    Hace un mes

    Wish EStitle stopped there sh#$%

  22. Koren Maccubbin
    Koren Maccubbin
    Hace 2 meses

    Hmm, why would anyone do a thumb down? Let them try to do this job everyday!

  23. Sync Pessor
    Sync Pessor
    Hace 2 meses

    I'm a city guy but love watching your work and narration.

  24. Ronny Dettmer
    Ronny Dettmer
    Hace 2 meses

    I want to come work for u :D

  25. Dan Crean
    Dan Crean
    Hace 2 meses

    Sorry want be watching anymore mate can't stand all the Nord VPN sponsor crap.

  26. Shane Hawk
    Shane Hawk
    Hace 2 meses

    is that 3 ovens?

  27. shazzza banazz
    shazzza banazz
    Hace 2 meses

    Lol the dirty looks he's getting from all the cow lassies

  28. Barrett Houser
    Barrett Houser
    Hace 2 meses

    Made me cringe, but couldn’t look away!

  29. Chantal Massicotte
    Chantal Massicotte
    Hace 2 meses

    Nordvpn didn't work for me in Canada...☹

  30. DirtyDeeds
    Hace 2 meses

    Please lose the whole video advertisements.

  31. Dannielle Aus
    Dannielle Aus
    Hace 2 meses

    As always - love your videos

  32. Semper Fidelis W.S.
    Semper Fidelis W.S.
    Hace 2 meses

    ΚΑΛΗΜΕΡΑ 🇬🇷 Greetings

  33. Wesley Vagner
    Wesley Vagner
    Hace 2 meses

    Brasil salve!!!!

  34. Shyann Anderson
    Shyann Anderson
    Hace 2 meses

    Might I suggest Blacklist on Netflix great series

  35. Lola
    Hace 2 meses

    EStitle killed a channel named "Vet Ranch", because of the surgeries they showed. EStitle is the biggest hypocrite!

  36. Duncan Weeks
    Duncan Weeks
    Hace 2 meses

    Sell out

  37. Adam Schaafsma
    Adam Schaafsma
    Hace 2 meses

    Thanks for letting us know, I didn't know most of your videos were de-monitized. Crazy! I would consider this content educational, not graphic, that's sad.

  38. Godzillaking 3030
    Godzillaking 3030
    Hace 2 meses

    This vid is so hoofing good

  39. marcus fuller
    marcus fuller
    Hace 2 meses

    I heard lochness is really beautiful

  40. marcus fuller
    marcus fuller
    Hace 2 meses

    I live in the city of chicago and we dont see cows until we drive like 40 miles out so i appreciate your channel

  41. Steve F
    Steve F
    Hace 2 meses

    That's some bullshit that they demonetize your videos! The truth is that blood, poop, and guts are part of everyday life, especially in the early stages of the food industry but not limited medicine, science, and other parts of agriculture and nature as a whole.

  42. sandra stevens
    sandra stevens
    Hace 2 meses

    I love watching. Try to keep up with his dialogue. Family country of origin on dad's side. I was nice his kitchen amazing. I am least thing of old world homes, etc. He goes a great job with the animals that need good care. Also, did not know that You Tubers can make good money of the the advertisers that sponsor them. Wish I had a talent that Is not already out there to promote.

  43. Lori Smith okon
    Lori Smith okon
    Hace 2 meses

    Thank you for spraying the foot, it made it easier to see the hoof and gain a better visual.

  44. Sophie Whitehouse
    Sophie Whitehouse
    Hace 2 meses

    You should start a patreon account, or a ko-fi account :)

  45. Bradley Broadbeck
    Bradley Broadbeck
    Hace 2 meses

    Go to Rumble too...

  46. Neusa C
    Neusa C
    Hace 2 meses

    Nice video. Wouldn't mind getting some of that rain. Phoenix Arizona hit 76' today and lots of sunshine. Stay safe. 👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  47. SuperLocoloco69
    Hace 2 meses

    Holy crap! is the first time I saw you washing a cows feet

  48. luka frangez
    luka frangez
    Hace 2 meses

    Hello, where in Europe could i see or get contact from appleton steel dairyman chute. Thanks for answer. I'm from slovenia.

  49. Triz E.N.Y Highly Opinionated
    Triz E.N.Y Highly Opinionated
    Hace 2 meses

    Idk y tf this ended up on my recommended and idk y I clicked ....but I absolutely cannot stop watching all this guy's videos ....y is hoof maintenance now one of the most interesting things I've ever watched

  50. Cricket 2731
    Cricket 2731
    Hace 2 meses

    I've heard that Santa is making a special stop your way for his run thru Scotland. He's going to switch out the reindeer for Scottish Highland Cattle! (Possibly other change-outs for local teams along the way?) I really enjoy watching your work. May you have a long, happy, & profitable career in the coming years!

  51. watchers shabath
    watchers shabath
    Hace 2 meses

    Steak is steak even though its an ulcer

  52. nevamind68 T
    nevamind68 T
    Hace 2 meses

    "harder than it looked" 🤣 ..... facials said it all 👍🏾 🖤

  53. Weeb Vlogs
    Weeb Vlogs
    Hace 2 meses sets. That's what you guys call tv series. Neat lol ^-^

  54. Nonarei
    Hace 2 meses

    Your home is looking great, really pleased for you.

  55. Leland Gill
    Leland Gill
    Hace 2 meses

    The cows are like the guys that likes to play with are feet is here

  56. H2Ocritter
    Hace 2 meses

    Please move to Rumble

  57. Kevion Ketchum
    Kevion Ketchum
    Hace 2 meses

    i was here when there was a few 1,000

  58. Jennifer Sheffield
    Jennifer Sheffield
    Hace 2 meses

    My 8 year old son and I love the videos ! My son said "it makes me so happy to see someone so devoted and loving of the animals ❤ Those cows are so lucky" keep the videos coming we love them!

  59. Dani Letourneau
    Dani Letourneau
    Hace 2 meses

    Over here in a small town in Western, NY (Finger Lakes Area) - we're wishing your families a wonderful holiday season and hope you're all doing well! We sadly can't afford to sign up for that really good deal with your sponsor (loss of job / business and all) - but we shared your video like crazy, and then asked those to share it as well - in hopes that more and more people are able to see you guy's awesome work, and the more chances and opportunities for that great deal from your sponsors! Wish you all a great Day / Night, wherever you may be!!! 💖

  60. Joan Hagemier
    Joan Hagemier
    Hace 2 meses

    Where's Craigie-Poo today?

  61. Thomas Struan
    Thomas Struan
    Hace 2 meses

    Move to Rumble! EStitle is owned by the empire of evil!

  62. Chadwick Lovell
    Chadwick Lovell
    Hace 2 meses

    I used to do ferrier work. The smell is horrible. I'm sure it's the same here.

  63. Killyan_lcs
    Hace 2 meses

    Bienvenue ✌️👌

  64. Orangechase 12
    Orangechase 12
    Hace 2 meses

    Why did you use the old crush?

    1. Orangechase 12
      Orangechase 12
      Hace 2 meses

      @alistair clement oh thanks for telling me!

    2. alistair clement
      alistair clement
      Hace 2 meses

      He didn't, he used the farm's crush, that way, he doesn't need to set up or clean it after, to trim 1 cow.

  65. Corinne Scheuer
    Corinne Scheuer
    Hace 2 meses

    No picture. Just sound. :(

  66. MixsMasher
    Hace 2 meses

    I am 16 and I have seen many things thanks to my parents. They include Breaking bad, Better call Saul, Cheers, Dexter, Faulty Towers, Only fools and horses and many others. I love box sets 😀 Amazing trim as well.👍❤️

  67. Andy
    Hace 2 meses

    I once put a video of a sheep been born on Facebook they removed it as it was to graphic

  68. theshrinkingtaco
    Hace 2 meses

    Translation: Box set = TV series in US

  69. brandon gates
    brandon gates
    Hace 2 meses

    Can you please not advertise the entire fucking video just take a minute either at the end or the beginning of the video talk all about it then stop just focus on the fucking hooves

  70. Juna May
    Juna May
    Hace 2 meses

    Sorry you got demonetized. No reason for that. Fave channel

  71. chris
    Hace 2 meses

    You do a great job with cows.

  72. szhooper
    Hace 2 meses

    If you get the American Netflix ~ I highly recommend Longmire!

  73. Steve
    Hace 2 meses

    It makes me so happy to see a hose being used to wash off the foot! I wish he hosed off and rinsed every foot like that!

  74. irene marie Belanger
    irene marie Belanger
    Hace 2 meses

    Beautiful kitchen. It's great for your family, more than you might think!

  75. Ladybug
    Hace 2 meses

    Grahic content?!?! GRAPHIC?!?! It’s educational and relaxing! Gosh youtube get a grip

  76. Bridgeforth Solutions
    Bridgeforth Solutions
    Hace 2 meses

    Who signs up for a product for 2 yrs??? Come on man???

  77. Last of the Lost souls
    Last of the Lost souls
    Hace 2 meses

    U can't use a vpn with hula i bet netflix will follow suit

  78. Shirley Jessome
    Shirley Jessome
    Hace 2 meses

    Do these poor animals ever see the outside or do they live in this filth all their lives? Humans can be heartless creatures

    1. alistair clement
      alistair clement
      Hace 2 meses

      It sounds very much like you've already made you're mind up.

  79. don't cry
    don't cry
    Hace 2 meses

    What would be your advice if I wanted to learn this trade?

    1. alistair clement
      alistair clement
      Hace 2 meses

  80. Nascimento
    Hace 2 meses

    Não entendo nenhuma palavra mas adoro ver o seus vídeos! O seu trabalho e digno de um Oscar isso é muito gratificante poder dar condições de alívio á esses animais. Meus sinceros parabéns pra você rapaz. Um abraço aqui de São Paulo - Brasil...

  81. Kasey Hawk
    Kasey Hawk
    Hace 2 meses

    That was probably the smoothest integration of advertisement I've ever seen

  82. pnaty97
    Hace 2 meses

    Had a look at the Nord VPN offer. They want to charge an extra £13 because we’re in the UK!!

  83. Saudi Arabia Riyadh
    Saudi Arabia Riyadh
    Hace 2 meses

    Geart job doctor

  84. Jimmy Lee Jr
    Jimmy Lee Jr
    Hace 2 meses

    A real life cowboy

  85. raulet46
    Hace 2 meses

    And the gloves?

  86. UK NEWS
    Hace 2 meses free movies

  87. Andre Alexander
    Andre Alexander
    Hace 2 meses

    Xoroshaya rabota bravo Russia

  88. paprna
    Hace 2 meses

    Blech dairy farming .....

  89. Imcha Imchen
    Imcha Imchen
    Hace 2 meses

    Luf to watch ur vlogs so interesting to watch 🤗

  90. Nicholas DellaMorte
    Nicholas DellaMorte
    Hace 2 meses

    Great job as always... Love the great care you give to these animals....

  91. Sterlingjob
    Hace 2 meses

    You’ve got howdens doors!

  92. Nagarjun Yadav
    Nagarjun Yadav
    Hace 2 meses

    I'm from india need ur suggests 1 cow in our farm is having both back legs pain not able to walk

  93. Nagarjun Yadav
    Nagarjun Yadav
    Hace 2 meses


  94. thechariotcard
    Hace 2 meses

    Thank you for actually washing the cows foot before. Cutting into the tissue. No wonder these poor creatures have hoof problems in dairies with this level of wet filth.

  95. Egg Menendez
    Egg Menendez
    Hace 2 meses

    Is the black stuff on the hoof new horn?

  96. Larry Smith
    Larry Smith
    Hace 2 meses

    The browser Opera comes with its own VPN and ad blocker. Real plus! Easily turned off when you want to go it from “home”.

  97. Mickey Blade
    Mickey Blade
    Hace 2 meses

    You know 68% is pretty good but 69% would be better

  98. Cyxh
    Hace 2 meses

    Cow 350 and cow 812 been thru some stuff.

  99. MeatBall Cat
    MeatBall Cat
    Hace 2 meses

    I just want to hug a cow now😅❤

  100. Space Spacey
    Space Spacey
    Hace 2 meses

    I wonder how cows handled these problems in the wild?

    1. Space Spacey
      Space Spacey
      Hace 2 meses

      @Kim Callaghan your a bully and I'm blocking you.

    2. Kim Callaghan
      Kim Callaghan
      Hace 2 meses

      And being blunt is not mean,I did not call you names I said cattle are domesticated that neither snide mean or overbearing, you countered with suggesting all animals used to be wild at some point and yes they were but not cattle as we know them today, they were wild back when Jesus was the duty corporal at the Last Supper, and even then they werent entirely wild because even then they were bred and used as beasts of burden and a source of food and were semi domesticated. Now sorry if you think that me trying to convey that much like man has.evolved cattle have as well and we will likely.never know what or how their hooves behaved then...I do know they had toes like the prehistoric horses had but when and where it stopped being like a camels foot and got hard cloves I got no.clue. if it was a case of a cow or bull.having a hoof injury or a leg injury or any manner of infection the owners of the day likely.did to.them as they did to horses and put them..down

    3. Kim Callaghan
      Kim Callaghan
      Hace 2 meses

      @Space Spacey you presumed it to be snide you didnt hear any auditory inflection in my voice...I told you cattle are domesticated which they have been for arent going to find a herd of wild cattle anywhere in western society. And due to their centuries of change through domestication, we arent going to know how a wild cow would fair in Canada or Scotland or any area because as it sits now, they have changed so much that they are now completely reliant on their owners to provide for them. Unlike dogs or even horses, cattle likely wouldn't survive for long if left to their own devices as I dont believe they have the adequate survival instinct to do so, it's been bred out of them

    4. Space Spacey
      Space Spacey
      Hace 2 meses

      @Kim Callaghan you didn't answer my question, you made a snide remark and we're mean. I only wondered what cows in the wild did to deal with hoof problems. Nothing more or less, your aggressive tone was very off putting and mean, not logical or factual, just mean....

    5. Kim Callaghan
      Kim Callaghan
      Hace 2 meses

      @Space Spacey oh I'm plenty nice just blunt spoken and factual and I'm far from lonely, you asked a question I tried to answer you and you didnt like what you were told. Cattle as we know not exist in the.wild and haven't for will find is a yak, bison.and.musk ox, the various breeds arent out traipsing about like so many deer in a thicket.