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Today come with us as we revisit a bull with an incredible recovery story.
Follow my life on farms in south west Scotland, working not as a veterinarian, but as a professional hoof trimmer.

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  1. The Hoof GP
    The Hoof GP
    Hace un mes

    The link to the MERCH is ....all merch will be "in stock" from 12pm CST / 6pm GMT Monday March 1st for 24 hrs

    1. David C
      David C
      Hace un mes

      Congrats on the launch of your merchandise line. Went to buy a hat, and saw your sold out!! I'll be waiting...great videos

    2. Janice Zayas
      Janice Zayas
      Hace un mes

      @علي سالم عنيد عباس I'm sorry

    3. علي سالم عنيد عباس
      علي سالم عنيد عباس
      Hace un mes

      @Janice Zayas l don't stay you spak😔

    4. Janice Zayas
      Janice Zayas
      Hace un mes

      So glad I was able to get my merch!!!! It's on its way to CT. I'm so excited!!!!

    5. علي سالم عنيد عباس
      علي سالم عنيد عباس
      Hace un mes

      @Steven Jackson no soaek English

  2. Cynthia Rogers
    Cynthia Rogers
    Hace 2 días

    BRAVO !!! Is a bull's only job on the farm to make calves? As usual, the ladies get more than their share of the work by taking care of the babies. A don't forget pregnancy and delivery !!! FEMALES EVERYWHERE ARE AMAZING !!!

  3. Kelly Dube
    Kelly Dube
    Hace 2 días

    Son is adorable😀

  4. Reign Mack
    Reign Mack
    Hace 13 días

    i need that link to part 1 unedited

  5. Nicotine neanderthal
    Nicotine neanderthal
    Hace 14 días

    hate the kid

  6. İsmail Hakkı Alp Solak
    İsmail Hakkı Alp Solak
    Hace 14 días

    Hello Campbell, you are a lovely boy. Grow big and strong, and surpass your father.

  7. Carol Bessent
    Carol Bessent
    Hace 14 días

    Your children are so cute

  8. Chirag Chirag
    Chirag Chirag
    Hace 17 días

    Your kid so cute 😘😘😘

  9. Yoga Agoy Channel
    Yoga Agoy Channel
    Hace 20 días

    Tetap semangat bro👍

  10. Tulio Alberto Romero Mora
    Tulio Alberto Romero Mora
    Hace 20 días

    saludos desde venezuela me gustaria saber el nombre de la cancion del principio del video

  11. Miss Wrenchinitup
    Miss Wrenchinitup
    Hace 21 un día

    Sadly when you made new merch I couldn't find the link to the page never got any. Maybe release on the quarterly so more of us have a chance to get it

  12. Liz Dittmann
    Liz Dittmann
    Hace 21 un día

    Does anyone have a link to the original video?

  13. Cheryl Massey
    Cheryl Massey
    Hace 23 días

    I like the gore

  14. Miro O
    Miro O
    Hace 23 días

    ابنك جميل

  15. Betty boop
    Betty boop
    Hace 23 días

    Awww.... You Pet The poor beautiful Bull,,,,He is happy y o u help him to heal.

  16. Rebecca Higgins
    Rebecca Higgins
    Hace 24 días


  17. Jaiveer Singh
    Jaiveer Singh
    Hace 25 días

    Hey are cute boy and handsome like your father 👍

  18. caitlin allen
    caitlin allen
    Hace 26 días

    I gain way too much satisfaction from watching these "pimple popping on steroids" vids...think I need to see a shrink 😂

  19. Uqob
    Hace 26 días

    4:29 Cutie-putooty Cambell makes an appearance. Outstanding.

  20. Tdrom
    Hace 26 días

    Your little one is precious!! From Douglas Arizona USA HELLO!! Have family in England.

  21. Mack Gmoney
    Mack Gmoney
    Hace 27 días

    Rabbit trailing on YT led me here the a general cause of claw issues in cows (wet ground, etc) ...or is it more of a genetic problem with the individual cow?

  22. Second Cumming
    Second Cumming
    Hace 27 días

    What ever happened to the first video?

  23. Anne Evans
    Anne Evans
    Hace un mes

    Hi Campbell. Cute Dude....

  24. Danielle Bozzell
    Danielle Bozzell
    Hace un mes

    Love the landscape. I’ve always been obsessed with Scotland and just recently got my dna stuff back. I’m 75% Scottish. Go figure 🤷🏼‍♀️❤️

  25. Melanie Landsman
    Melanie Landsman
    Hace un mes

    It’s nice to see the wee ones!.

  26. Heber Lopez
    Heber Lopez
    Hace un mes

    Hello! My cousin and I have a good trimming business in Puerto Rico. It’s really hard to get good knives and discs fro the grinders, can you tell me if you get yours over the internet or do you get them there locally, also medicines are hard to come by we use copper sulfate and it’s not available right now. I have been using iodine and it works wonders I learned it from you. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!

  27. Susan Vasquez
    Susan Vasquez
    Hace un mes

    It would be really great if you could drop a link in the description of the previous videos when you are re-visiting a trim! I'm not a super regular watcher, though I am subscribed, but I like to go back and see the previous one... but sometimes they are hard to find. Just a thought! Keep up the great trimming!

  28. Maria Leos Bidault
    Maria Leos Bidault
    Hace un mes

    He's adorable!! So glad the bull is better

  29. Kris Kloeblen
    Kris Kloeblen
    Hace un mes

    What a sweet little boy!

  30. Jon Thornton
    Jon Thornton
    Hace un mes

    Best dad ever. What a family 👪 ❤. Love 💘 your videos.

  31. Ann Marie Brei
    Ann Marie Brei
    Hace un mes

    Need more MERCH.

    1. alistair clement
      alistair clement
      Hace un mes

      You gotta be patient, I believe he's releasing it once a month.

  32. Jake Day
    Jake Day
    Hace un mes

    Camble (sp?) is one lucky cute boy! He's got a fantastic mom and dad and I am sure all your kids will grow up to be fine people Graeme, just like YOU two!! Thanks for your sharing your life with us. And Craig (shhhhh. aka craigie boy) too! J

  33. Laura E.
    Laura E.
    Hace un mes

    Look at that cute mini- Graeme. Watch out Graeme, he'll be taking over before you know it! 🖤🐄🤍🐂🤎

  34. Mu Za
    Mu Za
    Hace un mes

    I used to do this to my father in the countryside in Thailand. If there was a machine like yours, it would be great and make me and my family income from cow manicure. I followed you and watched every video.

  35. Makeup440plus
    Hace un mes

    How can you say no to that little cutie ☺️

  36. Brenda Williams
    Brenda Williams
    Hace un mes

    Your little boy is adorable!

  37. LINDA Scott
    LINDA Scott
    Hace un mes

    Your wee boy.was.awesome. good videa

  38. Jerri Miller
    Jerri Miller
    Hace un mes

    Where’s Cambles’ merch?

  39. Holly Bran
    Holly Bran
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  40. Oakley Martin
    Oakley Martin
    Hace un mes

    "I knew this was the bull we saw over a year ago because the farmer told me this was the bull we saw a year ago" - Hoof GP 2021 😂

  41. pubg hubEXE
    pubg hubEXE
    Hace un mes

    Does it hunt the cow when you cut it??

  42. Emmet Mc Garrigle
    Emmet Mc Garrigle
    Hace un mes

    Why dont cows have metal shoes like horse do

  43. Carol Teich
    Carol Teich
    Hace un mes

    Hi Campbell, you did a great job on the intro to dad's video. Hello from New York City!!!

  44. Caffeinated Hell
    Caffeinated Hell
    Hace un mes

    Those children were just the cutest things!! I want to give them hugs now ✨✨

  45. PsBandofMen
    Hace un mes

    Is it possible you could put links to previous treatments for individuals. Sometimes I cant find the other treatments the animal got

  46. Retrowave
    Hace un mes

    I don’t even own a farm, or any animals in that matter.

  47. Warrior Mindset
    Warrior Mindset
    Hace un mes

    Don't tell anyone but I subscribed because the little guy told me too🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 neat kid

  48. Jared Paulin
    Jared Paulin
    Hace un mes

    Which video has the unedited trimming?

  49. Joseph McC
    Joseph McC
    Hace un mes

    I can't find the vid for the original trim. Can anyone link it?

  50. Rebekah Doty
    Rebekah Doty
    Hace un mes

    Me, not having any veterinarian or agricultural expertise: "Oh, look at that corium! Definitely gonna need to remove that loose horn. Digital dermatitis right there! And that white line?! Get me that embryonic paste...STAT!! " I love this guy!!

    1. Sky21
      Hace un mes

      This man is a real teacher lol

  51. Julie Krause
    Julie Krause
    Hace un mes

    I LOVE your mini me!!!

  52. witchone
    Hace un mes

    Lovely bull, hi Cambel. Thanks gp.

    Hace un mes

    Love from India 🇮🇳 bro. You're very nice person.

  54. Mona Me
    Mona Me
    Hace un mes

    Will you be getting any more merch Graeme?

    1. alistair clement
      alistair clement
      Hace un mes

      He said somewhere else, it'll be once a month.

  55. susan kenney
    susan kenney
    Hace un mes

    You did a wonderful job. Campbell is adorable. I absolutely love the drone footage. Scotland is beautiful. It is on my bucket list. Since I am Scottish and Irish.

  56. Fernando Treis
    Fernando Treis
    Hace un mes

    como saber até que ponto dá para cortar sem dor?

  57. Aurora Borealis
    Aurora Borealis
    Hace un mes

    A YEAR? That's way too long

  58. joedajazzjunky
    Hace un mes

    what does graham parker say to the cows before he shaves their hooves? answer: i got a crush on you!!!

  59. Jessica Splattstoesser
    Jessica Splattstoesser
    Hace un mes

    Enjoyed seeing your adorable co-host! Also enjoy watching your videos! Hello from Nebraska, USA!

  60. Bruce Broussard
    Bruce Broussard
    Hace un mes

    Don’t worry about the crybabies on here saying this is to graphic. Keep doing what do...

  61. Analisia Monsalvo
    Analisia Monsalvo
    Hace un mes

    I am obsessed 🐮

  62. michele bartholome
    michele bartholome
    Hace un mes

    your wee tacker is so cute

  63. Omaroon
    Hace un mes

    Foot doctors are special people.

  64. Jo Farwell
    Jo Farwell
    Hace un mes

    Oh my Campbell talks just like Dad--with his hands! Great confidence and destined to greatness! He is a chip off the old block!

  65. Roger Paradis
    Roger Paradis
    Hace un mes

    your videos are very cathartic.

  66. dcricket1
    Hace un mes

    Campbell is adorable and you can see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with him!! ❤️

  67. patrice gough
    patrice gough
    Hace un mes

    You do such amazing work on these cows and bulls 😍😍❤️❤️❤️ they must be thankful to have you as a hoof farrier

  68. goatmix
    Hace un mes

    Question, why don’t you clean their poop-y and dirty feet before you trim?

  69. Katherine Richardson
    Katherine Richardson
    Hace un mes

    I'm a city slicker despite my state having a lot of farms i really don't know much. I like learning new things about animals.

  70. Audrey Layton
    Audrey Layton
    Hace un mes

    Your son is so precious!

  71. personalDM
    Hace un mes

    I don´t even know what a Cow is, but sir, let me tell you that you are providing an invaluable service to your country...

  72. Wayne Ihamaki
    Wayne Ihamaki
    Hace un mes

    Video got a big thumbs up in the first 10 seconds.

  73. Mark Renkert
    Mark Renkert
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  74. James Cohn
    James Cohn
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  75. Christo servant 1
    Christo servant 1
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  76. Alexandria H
    Alexandria H
    Hace un mes

    Campbell is the Cutest. Missed out on merch, sadness. Signed up for the emails so I don't again. :-D So pleased that the bull recovered so well!

  77. Kristina Whetzel
    Kristina Whetzel
    Hace un mes

    Just a thought, especially as we have seen the quality of the merch, why not open a pre order only for a day and with stipulations that they'll ship when they ship. I know the stress of a finite release and not securing one makes me sad. I really want one of those orange embroidered hoodies.

  78. Projekt Kobra
    Projekt Kobra
    Hace un mes

    Between Hoof GP, and The Detail Geek...two guys who clean and fix things not many people think about, with a cheerful and utterly positive attitude despite literally being surrounded by shit and filth....I have a greater respect and admiration for all working men.

  79. Ina Steinbergs
    Ina Steinbergs
    Hace un mes

    Awww! I’m so disappointed, all your merchandise is sold out ☹️ I wanted to buy the orange (tartan cow) hoodie like the one you’re wearing🙄

  80. devon che jameson
    devon che jameson
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    Scotland is just so beautiful

  81. กมล โทหล้า
    กมล โทหล้า
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  82. Rommel Salazar
    Rommel Salazar
    Hace un mes

    can i have a cap like that. Watching your videos here in abu dhabi more power and videos from Hoop Gp.

  83. James Chatman
    James Chatman
    Hace un mes

    I love the countryside! 😍😌😁 It's peaceful, quiet, and the place for a little R&R. 😍🤔❤️😌😴😪😁 Also, your son is the best little helper ever! 😁 #shoutoutfromusa #countryboy #southern

  84. Good Hii
    Good Hii
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  85. Katie DuCharme
    Katie DuCharme
    Hace un mes

    OMG, a mini-HoofGP...what a cutie pie!!!

  86. Lunatick666
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    That little fella has the most bri-ish face ever.. well done whaha

  87. Cricket 2731
    Cricket 2731
    Hace un mes

    Oddly enough, this was in with "Toe Bro"--a podiatriast in Missasagua, Ontario, CA. Same stuff, different patient. It often difficult to tell who has the gnarliest foot!

  88. Soryie
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    BentleyRx TheOnly
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  90. Frog Pond Farm & Dairy
    Frog Pond Farm & Dairy
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    Елена Elena
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    Ни чего не понимаю по по-английски,но смотрю ! Мне нравится,как делают маникюр животным !👍

  92. sticustom
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    Campbell said to give you a big thumbs up, so I did. 👍🏻

  93. Cindy McCann
    Cindy McCann
    Hace un mes

    Great job Campbell! I always love the videos where we go back and check on on our previous clients that had major issues! Great to see that beautiful bull doing so well, what a sweet face! Oh, great job Graeme!💕🇨🇦

  94. Cindy DeMarche
    Cindy DeMarche
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    Campbell is adorable! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  95. Beach Bum
    Beach Bum
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    Gutted the merch is sold out!! My hubby would have loved a few things for his birthday. 😞 on another note, Campbell is divine! Absolutely melted when he gave that gorgeous smile. Cheers from Chicago Illinois 💕🐮

  96. Jenny Munday
    Jenny Munday
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    Since Little Man asked so nicely I liked right away. (I mean, I was going to anyway, but he super encouraged me

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    Melanie Heisey
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    Mama B
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  99. Al
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    i had asked this in a previous video of yours would it not be better if before treating the hoof wash it for better treatment or is that not necessary

  100. Tiffany Lynn
    Tiffany Lynn
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    Campbell is soooooooo cute!! I love your accents & it sounds even better on a little guy. Lol. So cute! I want a cool accent.🤣❤